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How to Get Abaqus 6.5 for Free or Low Cost with Torrent

i am not sure if this is the right forum for this question. please redirect me to the correct one. here is what i am doing:

abaqus 6.5 torrent


  • i have an.isight (fe based geometric element) with a 3 nodes (a, b, c) and a 3 element beam.

  • i have a.chk file with a fem model of a beam of same geometry as my.isight.

  • i am using abaqus 6.5 which is a.isight based fem solver.

i'm trying to model a beam with a 2d beam element. i've a single concentrated load (in the mid-span), which i.. document s1-1 troubleshooting finite-element modeling with abaqus 6.5 - free ebook download as pdf file (.pdf), text file (.txt) or read book online for free. troubleshooting finite-element modeling with. 6.5 user element subroutine. i have prepared fe model for crack growth analysis in abaqus. i try to solve stick-slip problem by abaqus 6.5-1, when i enter to interaction property manager.

i have tried to crack the beam, but the result showed that it could not crack. i'm using abaqus 6.5. i have no idea why. i have checked the abaqus/cae manual, the crack.eps file, the.use file and the.env file. i've tried to increase the allocated memory for the analysis, but it didn't solve the problem. i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. i've attached a couple of screenshots of my.use file. i'm using one concentrated load and one distributed load. could someone please help me?

abaqus, abqus/fem, abaqus/sphere, abaqus/fem/sphere, abaqus/revengineer, abaqus/unity.. - abaqus 6.5 4abaqus/fem/sphere as an output, abaqus/fem/sphere produces a mesh file that can be used to input into an application that uses the triangulated mesh. for applications that use the triangular mesh, it is necessary to install a meshing package in addition to abaqus/fem/sphere. the meshing package can be downloaded from the abaqus support web site.


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