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Album Robin Des Bois M Pokora

Matthieu Tota was born in Strasbourg, France, in 1985. He is the son of professional footballer André Tota and Brigitte Tota. His parents divorced in 1998 when he was 13 years old. Pokora was troubled by the divorce of his parents and remained greatly attached to his mother after the divorce. He lived with her in Strasbourg before renting a personal flat in Paris. As a child, he studied in an elementary school in Hohberg, and later at Collège Paul-Émile Victor in Mundolsheim, and Lycée Aristide Briand in Schiltigheim near Strasbourg. When he was younger, football was his first ambition and he wanted to become a professional player. However, he later opted for music. Tota explained the origin of his stage name Matt Pokora in an interview during the TV documentary Mise à jour (2010). He was searching for an artistic name and happened to be talking to his grandmother of Polish origin and the importance of humility came up. He asked her "how do we say 'humility' in Polish language," and she said "pokora". Tota immediately decided to adopt the word as his stage name, and shortened his first name to Matt. He earned some public attention as a member of French R&B group Mic Unity. In fall 2003, Pokora participated in the third season of Popstars, a French talent reality television show. The concept was to present possible candidates the winners of which would take part in the formation of a boy band or girl band. He was a crowd and jury favourite, and became a member of a boy band called Linkup formed with Lionel and Otis, two other winners in 2003 Popstars. The female winners were formed into another group Diadems formed of Marylore, Angel, Pookie, Ophélie and Alexandra. In the final showdown, the boy band including Matthieu Tota won the series over the girl band Diadems, who ended up runners-up. Their first Linkup single 'Mon Étoile' was very successful topping French charts, and the debut album 'Notre Étoile' was moderately successful. However the second single release 'Une seconde d'éternité' was much less successful despite good sales. The band tried again their hand in a collaboration with the British boy band Blue making a bilingual English/French version with Blue based on the latter's song 'Bubblin''. The bilingual English/French Blue/Linkup version was entitled 'You & Me Bubblin'. Soon afterwards, Linkup disbanded due to poor performance of sales on releases.

album robin des bois m pokora

L'album de "Robin des bois" s'est écoulé à 400.000 exemplaires, porté par la voix de M Pokora, désigné en décembre "Artiste masculin francophone de l'année" aux NRJ Music Awards. L'année dernière, les téléspectateurs avaient aussi pu le voir au casting du jury de l'émission de TF1 "Danse avec les stars".

Le 26 septembre prochain, la troupe de la comédie musicale Robin des bois donnera sa première représentation. L'album est déjà sorti et s'est vendu à 80.000 exemplaires. Déjà ! Un véritable phénomène à prévoir pour la rentrée ! Pour patienter, les clips sont peu à peu dévoilés. Ce lundi, c''était au tour du clip "A Nous" d'être diffusé sur internet, après celui de "Un monde à changer" et "Le jour qui se rêve".


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