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1.9 GDPS 2.1 And Hacks V2 _VERIFIED_

Although the list team allows certain hacks for records on the list, a player may not submit a record obtained using hacks designed to alter or bypass the gameplay in any way. This guideline includes but is not limited to Noclip, GDBot/XBot/YBot, Macros, and Speedhacks. Please refer to this section for a list of allowed hacks for records on the Demon List.

1.9 GDPS 2.1 and hacks V2

It should be noted that, per the framerate guidelines players are no longer allowed to use the FPS bypass to change the in-game framerate in the middle of an attempt. Players are also prohibited from changing the state of other allowed hacks after the start of an attempt if this change is intended to alter the difficulty of the level.

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