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Quake Enhanced !LINK! Free Download (UPDATE 1)

Similarly to the 2020 Unity engine re-releases of Doom and Doom II, the enhanced version of Quake features free curated add-ons that can be downloaded through with custom vanilla-capable mod support.[2] A PvE Horde mode was added in this remaster with Update 2 on December 2, 2021.[3] On August 19th, 2022, Update 4 released adding built-in support for the popular "Threewave Capture The Flag" mod, which was released for the original Quake in 1996.[4]

Quake Enhanced Free Download (UPDATE 1)

Very shortly after the reveal of the Quake remaster, the Steam version of the old-school game has been upgraded to the new remaster. This overhauled title will include cross-play multiplayer, dedicated online servers, two expansion packs and optional add-ons. The game's graphics have also been remastered with better lighting and new models, and each of these remastered features can be turned on or off at the player's leisure. Gamers who already own Quake will receive the enhanced edition for free.

Quake's 4K remaster will hopefully breathe new life into the classic shooter. While enhanced graphics and free add-ons are lovely, the revival of the game's multiplayer component is arguably the remaster's most significant accomplishment. With Quake owners all receiving a free download of the remaster on Steam, it seems likely that the game's multiplayer server population will be seeing a massive spike in the near future.

People love free steam games, no doubt. But what many people hate is downloading so many parts and trying to install them on their own. This is why we are the only site that pre-installs every game for you. We have many categories like shooters, action, racing, simulators and even VR games! We strive to satisfy our users and ask for nothing in return. We revolutionized the downloading scene and will continue being your #1 site for free games.

This latest version of Quake has been enhanced, with an improved flag status display showing if your flag is safely in base, team scoring, and a modern interface. The maps included have been updated with improved lighting and fog effects. All of this is included free in Update 4, and requires no additional download

Expand your experience with free, curated, fan-made and official mods and missions such as Quake 64, which is available to download and play now. More fan-made and official mods and missions coming soon.

On Windows? Get Quake Starter, a free open-source Quake tool bundle. Download it and unzip it somewhere convenient, then double-click "quakestarter.cmd" and follow the prompts. While the new enhanced Quake re-release has an official updated engine, modern Quake mods might crash or run poorly on it. For maximum compatibility, use a community engine like Quakespasm.

Get free open source tool Quake Injector to browse, download, install, and launch custom Quake maps easily. On Windows, get the standalone "gradle" EXE version which no longer requires you to install Java. On Mac or Linux, get OpenJDK 16 (Java without Oracle's bloatware) and then run the regular ZIP version.

NameDownload Comments & Score (1-10) After The Fall patch Fun, playable mod. Spoilt slightly by a few bugs and some poor artwork. website archive7 Alien Quake6mb The Quake TC that was banned by 20th Century Fox. Good models, maps could be better.6 Blood Mage20.7mb Huge Sword & Sorcery Quake TC. Read the readme file, it's unplayable otherwise. Fun, but again, not my thing. The original site is closed, a copy of it can be found - Here. The patch for this mod is unfortunately not available.8 Checkered Flag:GoldCup6.8mbThe modernized version of Qrally w/new maps, cars, weapons, maps... Start your engines... 10 Empires10.3mb Stupid 3rd person persective TC. A real dog.1 Hack & Slashsee website A new style of Quake TC featuring furious 3rd-person POV hand to hand action, plug-in player models, and intelligent controls. website7 Jaws1.27mb Play at being Jaws in this fun and unique mini-mod. 10 for originality. A good laugh.4 Minion:Battle Chess1mb Quake battle chess. Take out each piece in one 2 one combat. Nicely done mod. website archive7 Nehahraseewebsite archive Daddy of all Quake mods. 50MB, but what a beauty. Download it now fool ! website archive10 Omen omen2 v10 v10 to v11 patch Another big fantasy quake mod, with a lot of quake C work. Like a lot of mods, it looks very dated now.7 OUM10mb OUM: Operation Urth Majik. Brand new 5 level mod with great production value thoughout. One for the archive9 Qnoid0.5mb Play Arkanoid (breakout) in Quake. A novel idea, and well made.6 Quake B-Ball1.1mb Basketball quake.2 Quad Quake4.9mb Quake Conversion - allows user to play four different characters in over-the-shoulder 3rd person view. Features 25+ weapons, five new enemies, and SP maps. website archive7 Quess Quess v1.3 v1.34 patch A perfectly made game of Quake Chess. 3 boards (or maps) to choose from.8 Slide Slide v1.1 Level Pak Wall-slamming, ramp-jumping, downhill racing mod for Quake. A winner in my book. website9 SpecialForces6.1mb Another Counter Strike type Quake mod. The quality just isn't there. website archive4 TargetQuake2.8mb A Quake platformer? This is great fun & brilliantly made. At under 3mb, what are you waiting for? ;) website10 TomorrowNever Dies3.16mb A sort of half made 007 mod. With a lot more maps and effort, it could have been something special. Some good work. website archive3 Your Path ofDestruction13.3mbYour Path of Destruction (YPOD) is a Quake1 TC converting it into Doom1/2/+ website archive7 Abyss of Pandemonium -The Final Mission v2.012.5mb Started life as a commercial add-on for Quake. Full version is now available for free download. Many new models, sounds and 16 levels. Good fun, worth a go. website archive8 Dark Hour Contender for the worst add-on EVER. 20 terrible levels and information that was/is freely available on the internet. An abomination website1 Eternal War64.2mb Well, it's not bad. Quite polished really. The problem with this mod is the fact that a lot of the content was... "borrowed" (Levels/Models). *UPDATE: This mod is now free! website6 QZoneFor Quake 35 new maps, a new weapon (the Slicer) and a few new enemies. Good models, poor levels. Func_Msgboard regulars could make this whole thing in a weekend.4

New dpmod release, just more tweaks and scraps of code of interest to modders, nothing really new. (Note: I'd welcome a critique of the highly experimental Ragdoll stick physics code in gore.qc from an experienced physics programmer, I'd like to find out how to fix the many problems with the stick physics)New darkplaces engine release, monsterously huge summary of changes follows: (the changelog itself is much larger) Fixed a bug that was making models twice as bright as they should be in the merged renderer.Added a special check for entities with NAN origins in server networking code to prevent a crash (NAN origin means it has no location at all, it is everywhere at once, a very bad situation).Black and LadyHavoc changed normal/tangent smoothing to use areaweighting rather than summing normalized vectors, this looks a little better and is a lot less cpu work on animated high poly models (r_smoothnormals_areaweighting enables/disables this).Black fixed some bugs preventing Tenebrae light entities in q3bsp maps from loading in the rtlights loader.Elric fixed a crash with the mod coopmod.Improved memory debugging capabilities of developer_memorydebug 1 setting, now detects double-free attempts and other errors quite reliably.Added v_deathtilt, cl_deathscoreboard, and cl_deathnoviewmodel cvars to make certain clientside death behaviors optional.Fixed a really bad mistake in the client login process, it was sending \n (newline) characters at the end of the signon commands (the server does not expect newlines in these commands).Added a small check to prevent the "cmd" command from forwarding an empty command to the server when given nothing to forward.Added support for GL_NV_half_float OpenGL extension for a noticable lighting speedup on GeForce6 and a minor speedup on GeForceFX.Black made changelevel start a map if there is no server running. (so changelevel is now similar to QW's map command.Black added DP_CON_EXPANDCVAR and DP_CON_ALIASPARAMETERS extensions.DarkPlaces should now support 64bit file sizes on non-windows platforms since windows makes it more difficult (that's 16 Exabytes, or 16,384 Petabytes, or 16,777,216 Terabytes, or 17,179,869,184 Gigabytes).Fix problems with missing cubemap textures in GLSL.Tomaz fixed a bug in the Windows client with vsync where it was not applied when the window first opened.Black merged the menu and server QuakeC virtual machines for the most part, in preparation for client QuakeC.Fixed a bug that was only allowing one active lightning beam owned by world.Fixed a rare bug where stencil shadow volumes were not projected far enough to reach the light box.Default Offset Mapping off (as it messes up model skins).Black added sv_playerphysicsqc to control whether the qc physics function is called (if it is available).Black added support for loading LNO files produced by fteqcc (for reporting line numbers of QuakeC errors).Black made the server try up to 100 ports above the default (26000) if the default one fails to open, automatically assigning ports when running multiple servers.Added a patch from Christian Holmberg to make XK_section key (I do not know what this is) type character for binds.Removed r_editlights_rtlightssizescale and r_editlights_rtlightscolorscale cvars (now they behave as if they were both 1.0) added r_editlights_edit commands radiusscale sizescale and colorscale (use these to fix old-format .rtlights files).Cured the 'can't bunnyhop' bug.Black added support for [515]'s BX_COLORTEXT extension. (BX = Betwix engine.Fixed crashes after level changes involving lightning bolt models that got unloaded during the level change (was happening often in The Ascension of vigil).Changed server to set self to world before calling SetNewParms qc function (to intentionally crash any broken mods which assume self is valid in that function).Fix a bug with savegames containing line breaks in their titles.Tomaz added gl_picmip (Texture Quality) slider and r_restart button (Renderer Restart) to Graphics Options menu.Tomaz added -demo and -demolooponly options (-demo plays a demo and then quits, -demolooponly stays in the demo loops and only allows the escape key, which quits).Elric added basic support for Q3's "getstatus" messages from Q3 server query tools (based on a patch by divVerent).Fixed several issues in filesystem searching functions (now "dir *.cfg" should actually report the right files, as well as "ls maps/*.bsp" and so on).Fixed a compile problem on Mandriva Linux (patch by Zero_Dogg).Elric added DP_SOUND_API targets (NULL, OSS, ALSA, BSD, WIN, COREAUDIO) in the makefile to allow choosing different sound drivers.No longer averages ping times, just uses the latest ping time (now all the ping numbers are nice round multiples of the server sys_ticrate).Fixed several bugs with prydon cursor tracing (including it constantly reporting world origin as the impact point).Fixed a bug that was causing impulses to lost very often.Now only gives shareware Quake warning if running GAME_NORMAL (Quake).Black added the cvars net_slist_timeout and net_slist_maxtries to query servers multiple times.Server browser now queries servers over time to avoid flooding out requests and getting very bad pings (net_slist_queriespersecond and net_slist_queriesperframe cvars control the rate of queries).EvilTypeGuy added Solaris 10 x86 support.Tomaz revised the embedded font to support all the special Quake font characters.Fixed two severe geometry bugs in the zym loader (which were causing parts of models to not render).Fixed a bug in SDL client which was preventing typing after vid_restart.Fixed some crashes with server commands (kick, view* commands).Fixed an endian swapping issue in Q3BSP loading (so Q3BSP loading now works on Mac).Added somewhat hacky support for Mac OS X .app packaging to allow proper Mac OS X binaries to be made.Fixed bmodel trails (if anyone ever dares to try them) to come from the center of the bmodel, this also cleaned up the sound code (and fixed a weird bug with a sound played in the same frame as an entity is removed).Added DarkPlaces7 network protocol with QW-style local player movement capabilities, warning: this has speedcheat/lagaport potential (and currently no way to force off cl_movement from the server).Added DP_QUAKE3_MAP extension.zym models now support TraceBox calls (bullet tracing among other things).Fix bug with ClientDisconnect not being called if a client drops between "spawn" and "begin" commands, now it is reliably called.Dhanged default heartbeat_period to 120 seconds so that usually two packets come in before the 5 minute timeout, this should help with packet loss in server heartbeats to the master servers.Fixed bug that rotated all sounds 90 degrees to the right in Nexuiz (because it has seriously messed up player models).Fix portal clipping of lighting in a single cluster map (box map) which has no portals.Fixed snow fluttering so it works properly again.Fixed crashes with .lit files of the wrong size (a start.lit in id1 for instance when running a mod which has its own start.bsp which is not compatible with the start.lit from id1).Fixed envmap command to save the proper skybox layout (matching Quake2).Fixed 64bit compatibility issues in QuakeC VM, so DarkPlaces 64bit builds now work.Completely merged Q1 mdl, Q2 md2, Q3 md3, Nexuiz zym, Q1 BSP, and Q3 BSP rendering, this is a massive code reduction and (more importantly) easier to maintain (which means less bugs).Fixed problems with getting stuck in wedges in maps (by turning off sv_newflymove cvar).Added sv_gameplayfix_blowupfallenzombies and sv_gameplayfix_findradiusdistancetobox cvars (to allow these changes to be disabled).Fixed a bug with dead explosion shells not being removed (resulting in them ceasing to work after a while).Fixed a bug that made menu sounds come from world origin (they are now global).Revised notes in r_shadow.c on Creative Labs' patent on the Carmack's Reverse stencil shadow volume technique.Rewrote scissor calculation to use brush clipping of the light box to determine which part is on screen and restrict rendering more exactly than before.Improved readability of "memlist all" reports, they now include the filename/linenumber of each allocation.Cleaned up init process again, now parses configs only once (not twice for video settings and such) and opens video as soon as the first map/startdemos/connect/playvideo/cd play command is executed (connect actually waits until it connects and won't open the window if it fails).Made r_restart/vid_restart reload models as intended.Fixed a bug that made view-attached entities render in third person.SDL builds are now enabled by default in the makefile.Silenced some texture loading warnings in dedicated servers (thanks to Biomass for reporting this).Black changed the SDL window icon back to DP's icon.Black changed commands, cvars and aliases to be sorted by name (for better console listings).Fixed a stupid bug in the te_customflash server qc builtin, it was fading instantly.Fixed a very minor bug in TE_CUSTOMFLASH parsing (forgot to add 1 to radius).Fixed missing gfx/net.lmp warning (and a few others in gfx.wad), they are now accessed properly.Fix a bug that made rtlighting crash (thanks to Vic for reporting this).No longer shows extra time reports in r_speeds report when using r_showtris 1.Added developer_texturelogging cvar (logs all attempts to load images to textures.log, useful for texture replacement projects to know what textures matter to a map).Default DLight shadows on.Fixed a bug where the player would be stuck in place (for a very long time) when going from singleplayer to multiplayer.Added cl_capturevideo_sound cvar (defaulted to 0) to allow enabling/disabling sound saving, with sound disabled you can save videos at a framerate your machine can't maintain (no sound sync to worry about).Fixed bugs that made doors and other pushers ignore some entities.Fixed transparency issues in q3 shader parsing.Fix fogging in hlbsp by clearing view to fog color (since sky polygons are missing in hlbsp).Changed script init in Nexuiz to play the logo video if there's nothing else to do.Changed crosshair mode to static by default (center of screen rather than showing where your shots will hit in the world).Changed in_pitch_min/max defaults to 90 degrees so you can now aim straight up/down (unlike in Quake).Fixed an items parsing bug when playing hipnotic demos.gl_texture_anisotropy now only affects mipmapped textures (should fix issues with lightmaps).Fixed a bug where gl_texturemode was changing textures that aren't supposed to be affected by it.Default to insert mode instead of replace mode in console.Cursoring past the end of the current commandline no longer takes characters from an old commandline.Allow typing international characters in the console (non-ASCII) for mods that use Latin1 fonts rather than quake's white/brown set.Fixed a crash in network parsing when an entity is tagged to an entity that is outside the current range of entities.Fixed a severe server bug affecting frikbots (the engine was running physics code on disconnected clients).Improved compliance with Targa spec in treatment of alpha and colormaps (palettes) in truecolor images - NOTE: this means many Paintshop Pro and Photoshop TGA files are no longer transparent, GIMP knows how to write them properly.Renamed r_shadow_cursor cvars to actually have the word cursor in their name like they were supposed to.Added playerclip and monsterclip brush support for q3bsp levels.Elric added the DP_HALFLIFE_SPRITE extension.Fixed a server bug that was only allowing 256 model animation frames to be used.Reduced client memory usage by 29MB by making cl_max_entities dynamically grow as needed.Elric fixed a number of bugs in the server browser.Elric added Quake2 sprite support (DP_QUAKE2_SPRITE extension).Rewrote server timing code again to make the (evil) host_framerate cvar work again for the game The Ascension Of Vigil.Fix some bugs in HalfLife sprite loading.Black fixed a bug where a server was pinged multiple times for the server list.Added tag attachment support to zym models for Nexuiz (to allow player models to hold weapons, etc).Fixed a bug that messed up the server after a failed level load.Fixed a skybox texture leak on level changes.Disabled item bobbing by default.Changed intermission behavior a bit to allow Nexuiz to freeze the action at level end.Fixed a bug with decals that made them never really disappear.Minor memory reduction in particles (3.8MB down to 3MB for 32768 particles), difficult to trim any more.Added a game mode for The Hunted Chronicles.Early exits (error during startup) no longer save a broken config.cfg.Now searchs for servers on your LAN (using a broadcast message to port


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