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Apocalypse Warzone Valedor Pdf 1

The desctruction lead to the emergence of countless cult of apocalypse, claiming the Emperor's Wrath was falling over the forsaken Imperium. Crippled by plagues, the authorities were unable to resist the rebellions. Worse, Chaos Space Marine launched raid against the vulnerable worlds of the Imperium. Belis Corona was conquered by Typhus.

Apocalypse Warzone Valedor Pdf 1

Any survivors of Cadia, either for arriving to late from other warzone to witness the destruction of their homeworld or survivors of the Fall, redeployed to the other planets of the Cadian Gate, such as Belis Corona and Agripinaa, currently under invasion from the Warmaster's fleets. Though these worlds still hold, the Chaos fleets are free to leave the Eye and attack anywhere in the Galaxy.


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