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Download File VID-20211008-WA0028.mp4

The table below shows scaled JPEG (on the left) and WebP images (on the right)side-by-side for comparison. Since browsers exist that support WebP natively,we no longer place WebP images in a PNG container as we did at launch. Imagefile sizes are exact. Clicking on the JPEG and WebP thumbnails will open thelarge images in a new tab

Download File VID-20211008-WA0028.mp4

We targeted a 30% file size reduction compared to the optimized JPEG files.Thus, we explicitly specified the target sizes for each picture.Additionally, we set ad-hoc values for the filtering strength for eachpicture, thanks to the -f option of the cwebp tool. The amplitude of thespatial noise shaping is also reinforced for some pictures by use of the-sns option. The exact command lines used read: 041b061a72


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