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Sukrat History In Urdu Pdf Download

history is one of the most popular courses in india. even a student, who is not interested in his/her career or in academics, learns history in their school days and colleges. it is the subject taught to students from the fourth standard to higher secondary school [ 2 ].

sukrat history in urdu pdf download

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history is undoubtedly one of the most important subjects that students should study. schools should encourage history classes and at the same time make it compulsory. students should be taught to critically analyze history. the subject should be taught in such a manner that students become knowledgeable of the significance of various factors and events of the past and are able to write a good history report. students must be taught how to write a history report in such a manner that it is interesting and informative. the school textbooks should also be reviewed to make sure that all information in the history textbooks is accurate and is presented in a detailed and interesting manner. students should also be taught how to use historical documents and when necessary should be able to prepare a written history report. schools should also involve historians in teaching history. history teachers should also prepare history questions in which students are required to answer in a manner which suggests that they have a firm grasp of history. students are also required to revise their history reports periodically. students should also be encouraged to keep a diary and to write a regular diary (every single day) is good in order to get a better picture of daily life in the past. history is very important in life. students should at all times be encouraged to do things to develop a certain character. they must realize the responsibilities of the country. they should also realize the significance of history. all the students must have and read history books. there are a number of history books for every age group. sometimes, history may not be taught properly in schools because of the non-availability of adequate resources. students should learn about the history of their own country and its people. teaching history in schools would thus prove to be a very fulfilling experience for students.


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