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Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit Iso Download Microsoft \/\/FREE\\\\

Unlike Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Professional, this version is specially released with more focus for individuals who run Win Vista at home. The users can download Windows Vista ISO Home Basic to use both at home or for work.

Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit Iso Download Microsoft

DOWNLOAD: is the best alternative to download Windows Vista. Get Microsoft official untouched ISO files with service pack 2. Windows Vista Home Premium download is the blend of home basic and business features.

The Windows Vista Home Basic download is the most stable OS for home users. Just like Windows 7, Vista has also made gained an important position in operating systems series. Windows Vista Home Pro especially focused on simplicity, security, and a breakthrough into the arena of a simple yet powerful operating platform.

Business - The edition is specifically introduced to business users, and includes all the features of home premium edition. Addtionaly this version includes Complete PC Backup, Remote Desktop Services, Windows Fax and Scan, and IIS service. The 32-bit version of the business edition uses up to 4 GB of RAM, and 64-bit version up to of 128 GB RAM.

Hi, I have a Dell N7110 with a dead hard drive and no recovery media. I've looked on eBay for this particular version of windows and it seems I need to import it from the US as it seems to be unavailable in the UK. Would the OEM key work from the laptop if I download win 7 home premium 64 bit from a legitimate source and installed it on a new disk. Would Microsoft activate over the phone if I gave them the key?

If this appeals to you, you'll need a decent Internet connection, since the 64-bit version is a rather large 3.3GB download, although the 32-bit version does drop to 2.5GB. Just point your browsers at -GB/windows-8/consumer-preview and then burn the ISO file onto a CD-R, before installing it like a normal Windows CD-ROM.


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