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The Time Guardian Subtitles English

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The Time Guardian Subtitles English

In the accessibility space, timed text files are usually intended to pair the transcription of dialogue and/or sound to media. The timing information allows the text to be synchronized to specific time codes of media. Both captions and subtitles are forms of timed text.

Subtitles can appear in a variety of styles, but often appear as white or yellow text outlined in black, or with a black dropshadow. It is also common for subtitles to mimic the appearance of captions. Placement varies, but is often centered at the bottom of the screen for readability and ease in translation. When graphics or text appear in the lower third of the video, subtitles are typically placed just above the graphic/text. Subtitles can sometimes be customized by viewers, depending on where media is being viewed.

In Java Edition guardians spawn less often in ocean open to the sky than they do in covered areas (such as inside or underneath the monument). Specifically, spawning fails 95% of the time if the spawning water block is below sea level (Y=63 by default), all blocks between the spawning water block and sea level are liquid or fully transparent, and the block at sea level has a view of the sky.

The laser takes 2 seconds to charge, doing no damage in the meantime. It starts out purple and fades to yellow. Once charged, the laser flashes green and deals 6 regular damage and additional 1 magical damage on normal difficulty. The latter bypasses armor. Guardians swim around for 3 seconds before firing again. If the target approaches while the guardian is loading its laser, it stops firing and swims away until it is at a comfortable range, at which point it continues attacking. The laser cannot be dodged or blocked by a shield and has a maximum range of 15 blocks.

Guardians deal damage each time it is hit with a melee attack while its spikes are extended, similar to the Thorns armor enchantment. If cornered, the guardian usually extends its spikes and fires at the player, even at point-blank range. 781b155fdc


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