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Heartless In Hindi 720p Download !LINK!

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Heartless 2014 Hindi 720p WEB-DL 900mb: A Review

Heartless is a 2014 Bollywood romantic thriller film directed by Shekhar Suman and starring his son Adhyayan Suman along with Ariana Ayam, Deepti Naval, Om Puri and Madan Jain. The film is a remake of the 2007 Hollywood film Awake, which revolves around a man who suffers from a condition called anesthesia awareness during a heart transplant surgery.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances of the lead actors and the music by Gaurav Dagaonkar, but criticized the screenplay, direction and editing. The film was a box office flop, earning only â3.75 crore against a budget of â15 crore.

If you are interested in watching this film, you can download it from the link below[^1^]. The file size is 900mb and the resolution is 720p. You will need a torrent client to download the file.The film follows Aditya (Adhyayan Suman), a young businessman who suffers from a rare heart condition that makes him unable to feel pain. He falls in love with Ria (Ariana Ayam), a doctor who treats him. Aditya decides to undergo a heart transplant surgery, but his mother (Deepti Naval) is against it. She believes that Aditya's heart is the only thing that connects him to his late father.

On the day of the surgery, Aditya is injected with a drug that paralyzes him but keeps him conscious. He realizes that he can hear and feel everything that is happening in the operation theatre, but he cannot move or speak. He also discovers that his surgeon (Om Puri) and his best friend (Shekhar Suman) are involved in a conspiracy to kill him and take his money. He tries to communicate with Ria, who is assisting the surgery, but she does not notice his signals. Aditya has to find a way to save himself before it is too late.

Heartless is a film that tries to explore the themes of love, betrayal, greed and family. It also attempts to raise awareness about the rare condition of anesthesia awareness, which affects one in 700 patients undergoing surgery. However, the film fails to deliver a convincing and engaging story, as it suffers from poor execution, illogical twists and clichÃd dialogues. The film also borrows heavily from the original Hollywood film Awake, without adding any originality or innovation.The only saving grace of the film is the performance of the lead actors, who try their best to bring some life to their characters. Adhyayan Suman shows some improvement from his previous films, and portrays the pain and helplessness of Aditya with sincerity. Ariana Ayam makes a decent debut as Ria, and shares a good chemistry with Adhyayan. Deepti Naval and Om Puri are seasoned actors who do justice to their roles, while Shekhar Suman makes a cameo appearance as Aditya's friend.

The music of the film is another highlight, as it features some melodious and soulful songs composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar and sung by various artists. The songs "Mashooqana", "Main Dhoondne Ko Zamaane Mein" and "Soniye" are especially catchy and memorable. The background score by Fuzon is also effective and adds to the mood of the film.

However, these positives are not enough to save the film from being a dull and disappointing affair. The film lacks the thrill and suspense that a thriller should have, and instead drags on with unnecessary scenes and subplots. The film also has many loopholes and inconsistencies that make it hard to believe or relate to. The climax of the film is predictable and anticlimactic, leaving the audience unsatisfied and bored.

Heartless is a film that had potential to be a gripping and emotional story, but it fails to live up to its expectations. It is a heartless attempt at making a heart-wrenching film. 9160f4acd4


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