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Buying Real Madrid Tickets On The Day High Quality

There are unofficial ticket touts selling tickets around the entrance on match days, but many of the tickets are fake. It is not advisable to risk buying these tickets, as they won't be cheap, and checks are run frequently by officials at the stadium, to ensure that all Real Madrid tickets are; Real.

buying real madrid tickets on the day


Getting tickets for Real Madrid games is possible, but it requires some effort. The best way to get tickets is by buying them in advance with the Madridista card or by checking the website frequently for tickets that have been released. You can also try buying tickets from a non-official source, but they will be more expensive than if you had purchased them from the official website.

Our site is designed to provide you with a worry-free Real Madrid CF ticket buying experience. We ensure the security of your information while purchasing tickets. TicketSmarter has a 100% guarantee that you will receive valid tickets for your event just as if you had made your purchase from the Real Madrid CF ticket office.

We ensure a great ticket buying experience. All TicketSmarter tickets are 100% guaranteed. Verified customers rate TicketSmarter 4.6/5.0 stars, so you can order with confidence knowing that we stand behind you throughout your Real Madrid CF ticket buying experience.

the tickets go on general sale on the website a week before the match i think ,buy them then you'll be able to collect them on the match day from the ticket office at the bernabeu-which works out so much cheaper than buying them over the internet...

Have just seen these posts after asking the same question myself! Also going to the Real Betis game at the end of April as a surprise for my husband's 40th - am really nervous about waiting in case the tickets are sold out. Wouldn't mind spending 100 euros on a ticket if I could get the seats that gmcc from Glasgow got! Looking at those price of tickets on the web and they're up at the 500 tier or behind the goal, up near the back and it works out at around 250 in total for 2 tickets plus service charge / posting etc!

There are other online platforms that sell Real Madrid tickets. They are often based in the same system used at the official website of the club, and prices are usually the same. Other websites, such as, are a bit more expensive.

Ugh. realmadrid.entradas (the official website) is such a disaster. Been waiting for tickets to go on public sale a mere 6 days before the game (I understand this is normal). Wake up at 5AM to buy tickets and the website continuously gives connection errors. Finally you start clicking on main sections, and then sub-sections in the stadium that say they have availability (ex. 5 seats), but when you get in there, it says they actually don't have any seats......and then it makes you start over again at the beginning.

Below we offer you the possibility of buying the tickets you need for the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in the second LaLiga Clásico 2022-2023. The match of day 26 of the Spanish Football League will be played at the Spotify Camp Nou Stadium (Barcelona), on Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. (9 PM CET). Tickets for the FC Barcelona-Real Madrid match can already be purchased through our ticket sales service, where you will find the best Spotify Camp Nou locations at the best prices. Buy your tickets now!

Santiago BernabéuAv de Concha Espina, 128036 Madrid, SpainGeo-Coordinates: 40.4531080, -3.6888080Get directions About buying football tickets for Real Madrid CFThe ticket prices of a Real Madrid match will vary depending on the category of the game. Seats for the biggest games, such as el Clasico against FC Barcelona or a Champions League knockout phase match, are much more expensive than matches against other domestic sides such as Real Sociedad or Granada.

2 The one on the right is for people who want to buy a ticket. In my experience the line is so short that you will only wait a few minutes to buy a ticket, that is, I do not see much of a point in buying the tickets online.

Most of the time Real Madrid tickets do go on general sale - for the big games the tickets are sold out and not available on general sale - then your best option is to use FootballTicketNet's platform for buying your Real Madrid Tickets. 041b061a72

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