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Ambikapathy Movie Subtitle [PORTABLE]

People who think that post-romantic love isnt possible, theyre wrong. The movie is a dramatization of a major love affair in the lives of two young married people. For that matter, it's a story of a fight for independence that's going to cost the country many a young women's life. The most underrated thing about this film is its unforgettable songs that range from the simple "Tere Sabko, Shukre, chaal, chaal" that the trainee inspector recites to the more ambitiously ambitious "Mujhse Jab Thaake Damne"- What a beautiful tiger You are, I want to kill that tiger- to the amazing, melancholic "Uthaane Uthaane"- His hands the hands of a man who will do anything for her- to the devastating "O Saathiya, O Saathiya"- I'm in love with you- and the touching, silvery "Nadum Poo Thella"- We're like sisters.

Ambikapathy Movie Subtitle

A movie so long, and so strong, that it becomes boring and yes, even frustrating. I had to force myself to finish it. And the little that I liked left behind all those memories and feelings that I had to bury in its deep end. What a shame. I didnt feel it the first time I saw it, and I knew it would never feel it the second time. I didnt know what to expect from the second viewing of Ambikapathy, and I didnt like it. I've given it a 3/10.

First things first: yes, we're going to talk about Raanjhanaa again. Not because we think its not a good film, but because we think that the first run-through of a movie isn't complete without talking about it. On my first viewing, I wrote all the things I could find to complain about and assessed the film based on my findings. Of course, the second viewing is a different animal. Knowing what I liked about the first viewing of the film, I consciously managed to overlook its faults on the first watch. I knew that on my second viewing, I wouldn't be trying to find the flaws, only the things that were natural and exciting for the first time I saw the film. On my second viewing, I tried to keep track of every shot, or a sordid event in the public domain, or a silly sequence (like the new bride's gold bangles when she's nowhere in sight for the public viewing).


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