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Cheapest Way To Buy Stamps

Whether you want to send a greeting or holiday card, mail in an absentee ballot, pay a bill, or connect with some quarantine pen pals, it's always useful to have some stamps on hand. It costs 60 cents to send a domestic 1-ounce, standard-sized envelope through the United States Postal Service, making it an affordable way to correspond with people in a tactile, memorable way.

cheapest way to buy stamps

A booklet of 20 stamps comes out to around $12. The beauty of "forever" stamps is that you can still use them even when the price of mailing a letter goes up. If you find a roll of forever stamps from 2016, when the price was 47 cents, you can still stick one on an envelope today and drop it into a mailbox.

This is a given, but depending on the time of the day, the customer service queue can get long. If you just need stamps, use one of the electronic self-service kiosks (where available) instead; there are usually no lines to use them. The downside is that you won't be able to buy specialty stamps.

The post office's website offers a variety of stamps, from the standard US Flag to seasonal (e.g., Christmas, Diwali, Kwanzaa, Halloween) and themed options (e.g., Peanuts characters, the James Webb Space Telescope images, elephants), as well as notable Americans like Edmonia Lewis, Eugenie Clark, Chien-Shiung Wu, and Pete Seeger. The site lets you filter by color, shape, theme, denomination, and more.

Everywhere from grocery stores to pharmacies to office supply stores often sell stamps. Instead of just chancing whether your local Publix or Kroger has them, you can find out using USPS's location tool. Put in your zip code and choose "national retailer" from the drop-down location menu. Depending on where you live, you'll get results like Walgreens, Winn-Dixie, and Staples. Keep in mind that these locations often only sell booklets, so you won't be able to purchase stamps individually. And most stores only carry them at their physical locations

Costco also sells stamps, in 100-count batches, making it a good option for businesses and prolific letter writers. They aren't available online and may not be in every store location. Sam's Club will let you purchase stamps online, however.

Some banks and credit unions sell stamps through their ATMs or tellers. This varies by location, but the next time you are doing a transaction, check to see if they offer stamps as well. Fifth Third Bank lets you filter by locations that sell stamps when you search for an ATM or branch on its website. A representative for Wells Fargo said the bank is no longer selling stamps.

You can also request stamps from your mail carrier, who will provide you with an order form. You can order by phone at 1-800-STAMP-24 (800-782-6724). If your business needs to buy stamps in bulk, you can call that number or email Those keen to start collecting can also page through the USA Philatelic catalog and use its order form.

Note: Minted, Zazzle, and other gift sites used to sell personalized stamps, but the USPS discontinued the program in June 2020. You can still send mail with any leftover postage you may have bought previously.

From your mail carrier. Get your stamps by mail; pay no fee for ordering and get free delivery to your home or office. Ask your mail carrier for a mail-order form. Fill out the form, make a check or money order payable to United States Postal Service, and mail it to the Post Office. Your carrier will deliver your stamps within a few days.

For more information about purchasing stamps, stamps by mail, postal regulations, a free subscription to USA Philatelic magazine, Post Office events, the location of the nearest postal store or contract unit, or for answers to your specific Postal Service questions, contact USPS at 1-800-275-8777, or visit To schedule a presentation for your community, club or group on how the Postal Service brings the Post Office to your home or office computer, call 239-573-9638.

Buy stamps before they increase in price. To find out when the next postage increase will be, visit Forever Stamp Value. You can even sign up to get notified by email when the next price increase will occur.

This has gone up in the last year, as it used to be 55 cents for a first class stamp, and $5,500 for a full roll of 10,000 stamps. Postage is not cheap, but USPS provides an excellent service and has other postage options that may mean you can send your items more economically. We are going to explore all the different options and their costs today.

First class stamps should cost 58 cents each, wherever you buy them from. You can purchase rolls directly from USPS, but they only offer large rolls of around 10,000. If you wish to purchase fewer stamps at one time, you can buy them from your local post office, or from online retailers.

However, you should make sure that you are not paying over the odds for stamps from a separate retailer. While USPS may only charge 58 cents per stamp, buying them from somewhere like Amazon could bump the price up.

As an example, 100 first class stamps from USPS would currently cost you $58. Buying 100 stamps from Amazon would cost you $78.75, which is a huge jump up. It is not quite doubling the stamps in price, but it does add a significant chunk to their price.

It is usually best to source your stamps directly from USPS, which will always sell them at the market price, regardless of how many you purchase or when you purchase them. If you have found someone selling them cheaper, you should be wary, as these may not be legitimately sold.

Always make sure that you have carefully read both the number of stamps and the postage type (first, second, postcard, etc.) to ensure you are getting a fair deal. If something is cheaper, there is usually a good reason for it, and you may have misread stamp numbers or postage type.

Postcard stamps are considerably cheaper than standard first class stamps, and they cost 40 cents each. You can buy a roll of 100 from USPS for $40, or choose as few as 20 stamps. These can only be used for postcards, however, and should not be put on standard letters.

These were previously 36 cents, so they have gone up by 4 cents in the last year, which is a greater increase than the first class stamps. However, they still remain economical and are a better option if you are just sending postcards.

If the price of stamps goes up in the period during which you hold a subscription, your subscription price will be updated to reflect this. You cannot hold stamps at a fixed price by creating a subscription.

Note that a subscription does not make the cost of stamps any cheaper. It is purely for the convenience of having stamps regularly delivered, so that you do not need to constantly purchase stamps, or find that you have run out unexpectedly. If your need for stamps reduces, make sure you cancel or amend your subscription to reflect this.

Thirdly, the business does not need to waste man hours in constantly purchasing stamps. It is much better to automate this process by purchasing an adequate amount of stamps via subscription, saving both time and hassle, and getting rid of the risk of running out of stamps.

There are lots of places that sell stamps, and you have a reasonable choice, depending on what is most convenient for you. You can, of course, buy the stamps at your local post office, but many people are looking for easier options.

You may also see self-service kiosks, and some of these give you the option of buying stamps. You cannot purchase specialty stamps from these machines, but if the queues are long, it can be worth using them. However, you are unlikely to be able to purchase rolls of stamps in this way.

If you need to mail letters on a regular basis, buying a roll of stamps or even a subscription for a roll of stamps is often the most convenient option. It is not cheaper, but it can save you time and energy, and will ensure that you always have stamps on hand. These are most easily bought from, but other retailers do supply them.

Commemorative stamps are only available in some of our branches, use this branch finder to find your local branch which stocks collectibles. Please note stock levels vary across branches and Post Office Ltd cannot guarantee your local branch will have the stamps you're looking for in stock.

It all depends on what you need. If you want regular first-class stamps to mail things like letters, bills, holiday cards, and so on, you can either buy directly from USPS or print your own in sheets or rolls using PitneyShip.

You can also print your own stamps using PitneyShip. You just need blank stamp sheets for use in any home or business printer or blank rolls and a special stamp roll printer. All are available in our online shop.

Note that these are not Forever Stamps, which means that when the Postal Service changes its rates, you will need to print postage correction stamps to use with the older stamps you have already printed. This is just as easy as printing regular stamps.

The cheapest postage meter rental deal is the Quadient IS-280 at $19.75 per month. This adds up to just $237 for the year, which is far lower than many other postage meter contracts we've seen.

Quadient's entry-level machine can process up to 18 LPM (letters per minute) and comes with an integrated 2lb scale that can be upgraded to 5lb. Ideal for small mailing rooms, this machine is one of the cheapest models on the market. 041b061a72


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