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Jesusito Perry
Jesusito Perry

Gta 4 Utorrent Crack Youtube LINK

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Rockstar Games learned their lesson with GTA Vice City. Although the PC version had anti-piracy measures, those restrictions were easily bypassed. Three days before the official PC release, crackers were able to figure out the code and remove these anti-piracy features.

GTA 4 is a completely different story since it has additional crack protection. A crack working team known as Lobo managed to get the game to work within a few days. When players illegally downloaded the game, however, they quickly realized it was in a near-unplayable state.

It's completely distracting for pirates on improperly cracked versions of GTA 4. The drunk camera may induce motion sickness, which can result in physical illness. Dizziness and potential headaches aside, Rockstar Games isn't messing around with this annoying feature.

For normal versions of GTA 4, the state of a healthy car engine is at 1000. With improperly cracked versions, however, it's significantly reduced to a mere 100. What this means is that vehicle durability is very low. Black-colored smoke will always take shape upon entering any vehicle. 1e1e36bf2d


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