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Jesusito Perry
Jesusito Perry

Airport Madness 4 Torrent Ita Hit

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Sometimes the service drives the fans into a state of madness. Sometimes the service starts on a reboot. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes starting the client from the command line just immediately returns the Bash prompt.

Official description: "Kim and Theo meet amid Black Friday shopping madness, but there's a definite spark between them. When a power outage causes some panic at a store, the couple gets separated. With Christmas coming, there should be plenty of distractions, but neither Kim nor Theo can forget the other. Both yearn to find each other, but how with so little information to go on It'll take a little Christmas magic and destiny to bring them back together."

Official description: "When two strangers mistakenly pick up the wrong piece of luggage at the airport, each must use the intriguing contents within to track down the other's whereabouts in time for Christmas." 1e1e36bf2d


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